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The Club runs Introduction to Archery courses twice a year, typically in spring and autumn. The course consists of a number of sessions lasting approximately 12 hours in total.

We have a number of members who are qualified archery coaches by Archery GB, the national governing body. The course content is predominantly hands-on, with all necessary equipment being provided. Young people aged 11 and above are welcome; however,  those under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult throughout the whole course.  

Archery GB has published a set of 'Codes of Conduct' applicable to Members; Adult Archers; Junior Archers; Coaches and officials; and, Spectators, Parents and Carers. We expect everyone to comply at all times.

We frequently get requests from parents about doing the course either just before or after their son or daughter takes their 1st lesson. Sometimes this is not possible if the class is full (they normally are). It’s certainly worth considering beforehand especially as you can have some friendly rivalry whilst encouraging and helping each other progress.

At the end of the course you will:

  • know and be able to apply the safety rules;
  • know how to warm up before and cool down after each archery session;
  • know the shooting techniques, scoring methods and etiquette involved in archery;
  • know how to use correct form and technique to enable you to get good groupings of arrows in the target;
  • Be aware of the different types of archery,  bow styles (and shown examples) and selection of equipment;
  • Receive a Certificate of Competence that will allow you to apply for membership of the Club (or any Archery GB affiliated club of your choice).
Picture of high scoring arrows in target

Anyone who joins the Club from the course will also receive our written guidance for their first sessions at the Club. Archery GB have published guidance on "newbies next steps" and have also produced a Beginners Guidebook which contains a wealth of information for new archers.

If you join the Club you can hire bow and arrows etc until the next course is due (so usually for up to 6 months). The cost is £1 per week.  

Course dates and cost

The next course is provisionally planned for late March/early April 2022. It is likely to consist of 3 weekly evening sessions indoors followed by 2 outdoor sessions at the field. Places available: 12 

The courses usually take a maximum of 12 on the beginners and taster sessions (the "Places available” figure, above, is updated as each course fills up - but we may get late cancellations so it’s worth going on a ‘waiting list’ if you'd prefer an earlier course).

The cost is £75 per person; with a £15 discount for anyone under 18 accompanied by a responsible adult who is also undertaking the same course. 

Course testimonials

What our course attendees have said ...

I really enjoyed the Introductory course. It was very friendly and welcoming and not to mention informative. Xxxx's instruction was superb and helped me enormously.

I really enjoyed every minute. The coaching was excellent: patient, kindly, very attentive in picking up every detail to help me improve. Clear, understandable teaching and feedback in a relaxed atmosphere. Good biscuits. Couldn't fault it. Thank-you.

Everyone who was on the course were amazing. Coaches couldn't be more helpful, really wanting people to better themselves. Very enthusiastic bunch of people.

Taster sessions

Two hour sessions are normally held on a summer Sunday afternoon. The cost is £20/person with a discount of £10 for any young person under the age of 18 if accompanied by an adult who is also taking part in the same session. 

The next Taster sessions will be held in 2022:  Places available: 12

The sessions usually take a maximum of 12  (the "Places available” figure, above, is updated as the session fills up - but we may get late cancellations so it’s worth going on a ‘waiting list’ if you'd prefer an earlier session).

If you are interested in details of the taster sessions or would like further information then please contact us.

Additional "Improvers" coaching

We hold regular “Improvers” courses. The cost is £5, with a maximum number of 8 archers, with preference given to new members. This may involve video analysis of the archers technique, preferably before the course, as we can use slow motion and zoom techniques to analyse any style or technique issues. We can then give advice where adjustments should be beneficial.

In preparation for this course, see the excellent "Improve #1, #2, #3" videos (point 6) on our Archery Performance page. When you discuss your needs with the coaches this will help them assess your application and progress.

The Coaches (Paul, Dave, Gary, Jeff) are available to assist members select and set up equipment, tune bows, review technique, etc., should you want some tailored, individual advice. Just discuss your requirements and agree a time/place at the Club. They’re always happy to help.

Duke of Edinburgh (DoE) award

We welcome students wishing to use archery towards their DoE award. This is our DoE guidance document (pdf, 180kb). 

You can contact us for more information.

Buying archery equipment

If you are considering purchasing equipment, you should first read this document (pdf, 3.5Mb) and talk to a coach. However, we strongly recommend that you DO NOT buy a bow until after finishing the course and asking advice from a coach. This is because your upper body strength will develop with practice and matching arrows to bow draw weight is essential to achieve an efficient and effective set up. We can also discuss and advise you on what equipment you may want to consider and how to ensure you get the best for your ability and money.

When you've bought your bow, arrows, etc., make a date with one of the coaches to check the set up and to get help tuning the equipment to its most efficient level for you.

Our 4 archery coaches

Picture of Club Treasurer

Session coach

Paul Gardner

Paul has been with the Club since 2001 and since 2009 shoots longbow (summer) and recurve (winter). 

Qualified as a Level 1 coach in 2017.

Club Captain

Session coach

David Richardson

Dave started archery in 2008 and changed to compound style after 18 months. Dabbles with traditional wooden bows as well. 

Qualified as a Level 1 coach in 2013.

Gary - coach

Session coach

Gary Lidbetter

Gary started in 2008 and is shooting recurve.

 Qualified as a Level 1coach in 2013.

Jeff - coach

Session coach

Jeff Smalldridge

Jeff started in 2011 and is shooting recurve.

Qualified as a Level 1 coach in 2017

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