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The Club, its members or ex members occasionally have equipment that they no longer use or need. The condition of the items can range from 'hardly used' (practically new) to well used (but still usable). Note: there is no guarantee associated with these items.

If you are interested in any items you can either talk to Paul or use the 'Enquire' button.

Complete entry level bow kit. Hardly used.

Bow: Right handed, 18lb at 66" (will suit junior)
String: Fast Flight, 16 strand, 66", white
Sight: Avalon 5" (aluminium) with block+pin
plus finger tab (rh), arm brace and bow rest. Comes with bow bag.



These listed items are Easton Arrows, unless stated otherwise. To get an idea if they may be suitable for you (bow weight, draw length, etc) refer to the Easton Arrow selection guide. It is strongly recommended that you confirm this with a coach or experienced archer (and the original owner if a current Club member)

ACC 3L-04/750. 28.375". 9 fletched + 2 bare shafts


ACC 3L-00/1300. 28.375". 8 fletched shafts


XX75/1516. 28.375". 8 fletched shafts (fletches-'spin wings'- will need replacing fairly soon)


Bow sights

Cartel aluminium 10". Sight pin is slightly damaged but useable (+ replaceable).


'Petron' aluminium 5". Missing the 2 screws to connect sight block to riser.


Bow stabilisers

'Arten' aluminium long rod; 30" without weights, 31.5" with).


Bow stands

Collapsable bow stand.


Collapsable bow stand. Hardly used.



Petron leather quiver, hardly used. Left hand.


Tabs & gloves

Leather finger glove, hardly used.


Page updated 29 January 2023