Membership of Warlingham Archery Club is open to all members of the community irrespective of ability. Our primary activity is target archery.

Becoming a member

We recruit new members in one of the following ways:

  1. 1
    Introduction to Archery courses  where those new to archery will receive expert instruction and a general introduction to the modern sport of Archery. Courses are normally run twice a year (spring and autumn), conducted by our qualified coaches with use of our stock of high quality bows and accessories. Upon completion of the course, the trainee will receive a certificate confirming they have completed a course conducted under Archery GB guidelines and may join the Club.
    To reserve a place on our Introduction to Archery course, please contact us
  2. 2
    If applicants have formerly practised archery to an acceptable level (preferably as a member of an Archery GB affiliated club) they have the opportunity of joining, subject to a trial shoot where their abilities and awareness of safety rules will be assessed by 1 of our coaches. Please contact us.

Note: Junior members over the age of 11 years are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult if under 16 years. 

Annual subscriptions (2019-2020)

The membership year runs from 1st July to 30th June. Subs can be paid by BACS, cheque or cash.

Membership class

Club fees

Affiliation fees

Total cost

Full member (adult 26-64)




Full member (adult 65+)




Full member (adult 18-24)




Junior member (11-17)




Associate (non shooting)

£  7.50

£  0.00

£  7.50

Subscription discounts

  1. 1
    Where there are two or more members at a single address, one of which must be an adult member, there is a discount of £5/adult and £2.50/junior (pro rata throughout year).
  2. 2
    Members attending full time education and residing away from home (e.g. at University) can also receive up to 50% discount on the Club subscription fee.
  3. 3
    Members joining throughout the year may receive pro rata discounts.
  4. 4
    Archers affiliated elsewhere (with Archery GB or World Archery) can become members of the Club by just paying the Club's subscription fee. 

Renewing your membership

All current members will have their Club membership extended until 30 September 2020.

Membership can be renewed after the current year's AGM (in June) and must be completed by 31st August. 

Current members can renew their membership either using an online form or by downloading  a hard copy (from 1st July).

We will only use your details for purposes of managing the Club and to register your affiliation details with Archery GB. More details can be found in the Club's Privacy Policy. You can change your AGB contact preference details on the AGB Members portal.

Shooting fees at the field




Summer Sundays



Winter Sundays



Summer Wednesdays

£1.00 (usually free)

£0.50 (usually free)

There are 4 fee-free Sundays in the year: the AGM (June); the 3-way friendly (July); the Club Championships (September) and the Christmas Fun Shoot (December).

Non members (and affiliated elsewhere) may be asked to pay up to double the published shooting fee.


We are affiliated to the following county, regional and national organisations: Surrey, Southern Counties and Archery GB; respectively.

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Page updated 29 June 2020