BL-BS shoots in SE England

Background to the British Long-Bow Society

The British Longbow Society (BL-BS, BLBS) was formed in 1951 with the primary aim of keeping the tradition of shooting the English/British recreational longbow alive. It organises competitions around the UK and has affiliates in Ireland, the Netherlands and the US. The Rules of Shooting are sent to new members - basically all shoots are 2-way with no sighters and no bouncers allowed. Members attending BL-BS organised shoots are eligible for national rankings and awards.

There are a number of BL-BS websites currently active (as listed by Google). The latest iteration appears more complete although no shooting diary available yet.

Around March of each year, members receive an Events Diary listing all the competitions for the coming year together with application forms for all events. Below are listed those open events occurring in the SE England region (similar to AGB’s SCAS region).

Shoots organised by BLBS affiliated clubs are in bold text, those organised by others (eg AGB affiliated organisations) but shooting to BLBS rules are in normal text. There are only 2 types of shoot organised by the BLBS, Target and Clout, listed below: 

The BLBS events are published when the Events Diary is issued.

As AGB organised events are postponed they will be removed from the list. BL-BS organised events will be updated accordingly.

Target shoots

Rounds are always imperial and 2-way (unless stated otherwise). The overall winner is the archer achieving the most hits (silver medal), 2nd is based on highest score (bronze medal) 3rd is based on most golds (bronze medal). These are awarded on an 'unrewarded basis' - so, if you win on hits you are excluded for the 'score' and 'golds' awards - this way more archers are rewarded.

If double rounds are shot then awards are also made for the first and second rounds, again on an unrewarded basis, in addition to the overall shoot winners.

Shooting 2-way National

Longbows shooting a 2-way round






1 May 2021

Surrey County Longbow Championships (Spring)

Warlingham Archery Club, CR6 9PB

Single Western

Paul Gardner

[email protected]


Clout shoots

Shooting at the SE BLBS clout 2019

Shooting the SE Clout, Tonbridge

For BLBS you shoot at a target 30” diameter, white with a central 4” black spot, raised at approx 45 degrees. They are always 2-way, double (2 rounds of 36 arrows), no sighters. Gents shoot at 180 yards; ladies at 120 yards. Concentric rings are marked at 30", 4', 7', 10' and 13' from the centre. Scoring is similar to AGB but if an arrow touches the target (clout) it scores 6.

Also an additional “shoot-off by ends” is held: during the double round the scorer notes at each end whose arrow is nearest the middle – judged by distance of the part of the arrow nearest the clout, not necessarily where it meets the ground (so that archer “wins the end” regardless of score).  At the end of the double round, shoot-offs are held for 2 ladies/target and 2 gentlemen/target with the most best arrows (aka “ends won”).  Each archer shoots 2 arrows individually in turn and the nearest to the clout wins the "shoot-off”.






October 2021

South Eastern Autumn Clout Meeting

Tonbridge School, Tonbridge, TN10 3AD

2-way, double

Sue Williams

01732 873711

[email protected]

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