Archery rounds

Warlingham Archery Club is affiliated to Archery GB (AGB) and shoots AGB Recognised Rounds under AGB Rules of Shooting.

The Club’s shooting schedules, on the Fixtures page, list recognised rounds to be shot on the day.

AGB’s Recognised Rounds combined with Classifications and Handicap calculations provide 3 key benefits:

1. Competitions. 

Recognised Rounds provide a common basis on which to hold Club, County, National or International competitions. As a Club we run our own competitions and also enter Local and National events and individual members often enter County and National tournaments. The Classifications & Handicaps differ between Indoor and Outdoor rounds but the principles are the same.

2. Classifications. 

In 2023, AGB completely revised the Classification Scheme used to enable Club members to progress to and be awarded different skill levels badges. These can be found by entering the keyword "classification" on AGB's 'Find a Document' page

In order to progress to the higher 'Master Bowman', 'Grand Master Bowman' and 'Elite Master Bowman' levels it is necessary to shoot at competitions designated as having 'Record Status'.

3. Handicaps

The AGB Handicap Scheme enables Members of unequal ability to compete with each other. Each Recognised Round attracts a different Handicap Rating for the score achieved. Each year the handicap for the Member’s best 3 scores is averaged to arrive at the handicap for the coming season. 

As each subsequent score is recorded, if the handicap is higher than the starting handicap no change is made. However, if the handicap for the score is lower then the existing handicap is reduced. 

Example 1:

  1. 1
    The best 3 round handicaps are 65, 63 & 60, giving an initial handicap of 63 (62.66 rounded up). In the case of new members their first 3 recorded scores are used
  2. 2
    The next round scores a handicap of 64. This is higher than 63 so no adjustment is made.
  3. 3
    The next round has a handicap of 56.  This 56 is averaged with your current handicap of 63 and rounded up. This gives a new handicap of 60 (59.5 rounded up).

A member’s handicap rating is then used to calculate an allowance to be added to scores recorded for competitions. 

Example 2: Archers both shoot a National round.

  1. 1
    Archer A has a handicap of 39 and scores 522. The allowance is 899 totalling 1421.
  2. 2
    Archer B has a handicap of 50 and scores 457. The allowance is 1004 totalling 1461.
  3. 3
    Archer A wins the Scratch prize but Archer B wins the Handicap prize..

The Club uses a software package to record all submitted score sheets and updating of Classifications and Handicaps is carried out automatically and posted regularly on the web site. (See the Fixtures page for the latest results).

Page updated 15 March 2023