Information for members

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Archery photographs

Photos relating to the Club, its members or archery related subjects. More to be loaded.

Archery rounds

AGB recognised rounds used in competitions


trophies and medals for members shooting at Club competitions and their current classification, handicap and regularly updated score records. Also, information on awards available at external competitions;

BLBS shoots in SE 

Details on the British Longbow Society and BLBS target and clout shoots in SE England

Bow styles

what types of bow are out there

Bow tuning

how to tune your bow for peak efficiency

Club clothing

various items in Club colours embroidered with the Club logo - wear your colours with pride

Club's history

when, where and how we started and how we got to where we are now

Competition types

key characteristics and differences in various types of competition

How do I ...

useful information on how to set up equipment, etc

Items for sale

equipment for sale by the club or members

Management matters

all the policies and procedures we have to follow to ensure safe and legal operations by the Club


Steps you can take to improve your performance as an archer

Useful links

to archery organisations and retailers